An update…

Hello, after ever such a long break, for which we offer unreserved apologies to our friends and families. We are now, of course, well behind on news, having completed our journey to Java, spent a year and a half in Solo immersed in the musical culture and life of the city, and are now back in Malaysia, waiting for springtime in Japan, to continue our journey.

Excuses are boring, but suffice to say the internet in Indonesia was slow and expensive, making the idea of uploading photos daunting, and in any case, days filled with music-making and learning left little creative energy for catching up with the blog (especially when the draft of the next post was lost in a hard-drive failure).

Please allow me to resume where we left off…

Ginevra, 11 December 2017

2 thoughts on “An update…

  1. Daniel Ribble

    Good to hear from you; it sounds like y’all had a productive time immersed in music in Java. I made it as far as Yakushima in addition to spending a week in Glasgow and Stirling, Scotland. The next world shakuhachi festival – the last one was in Kyoto in 2012 – will be held next summer in London at SOAS and Goldsmiths. That’s the news from this part of the globe. I guess you’re probably not carrying a koto around with you. Good luck with the journey back.

    On 12/11/17, Where there’s a wheel there’s a way



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